Sihang Pu

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CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security


I am a PhD candidate at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, fortunately, having Nico Döttling as my supervisor. I am interested in both theoretical and applied cryptography problems, such as (post-) quantum cryptography, two-party computation, and privacy enhanced techniques.

short bio

Before joining CISPA, I worked as a software engineer in Autodesk Inc. on graphics rendering after graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with Master’s degree in Computer Science, where I was supervised by Dawu Gu and Yu Yu.

other experience


Feb 10, 2022 Our recent paper about rate-1 OT got accepted in Eurocrypt 2022!
Oct 3, 2021 Our paper about laconic PSI got accepted in TCC 2021!
Feb 25, 2021 Our paper about multiparty therhsold PSI got accepted in PKC 2021!
Oct 10, 2020 Our paper about qauntum-secure pseudorandom function got accepted in Asiacrypt 2020!

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